What Is A Blue Persian Cat? With Images
What on earth is a Blue Persian cat? How can a cat be blue? A blue Persian cat is a color variant of the Persian cat breed that has a solid grey-blue colored coat. The fur is not really blue, but it...
Sphynx Cat: Breed Information And Care
Did something different catch your eye and your interest? Was that something a Sphynx cat? Do you want to know more about this breed? Sphynx cats are an intriguing, hairless breed of cat that has become...
black bengal cat lying on its side outdoors on short green lawn grass
What Is A Black Bengal Cat: Melanistic Bengal Color Explained
by Dr. WL Wilkins, DVM, PhD Updated January 5, 2024 You have a question – what is a black Bengal cat? Well, we have the answer! The black Bengal cat is a stunning melanistic color variation...
Snow Bengal Cat outdoors in a tree
What Is A Snow Bengal Cat?
What is a snow Bengal Cat? A snow Bengal cat is a Bengal cat with a specific coat color consisting of a very light creamy background color and muted markings. Their snowy appearance has led to the nickname...
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