Can Squirrels Eat Cat Food - picture of a grey squirrel on a log stump eating nuts
Can Squirrels Eat Cat Food? Dietary Differences
Have you ever spotted a squirrel bravely approaching your outdoor cat’s food dish? It’s a curious sight for pet owners and wildlife observers alike. Why are they doing this? Can squirrels eat...
Are Spider Plants Toxic To Cats - close up image of a dense growth of spider plants
Are Spider Plants Toxic To Cats? A Veterinarian Answers
by Dr. WL Wilkins, DVM, PhD. Spider plants, scientifically known as Chlorophytum comosum, are among the most popular houseplants due to their low maintenance and ability to thrive in indirect light....
what causes a cat to sneeze - AI image closeup of an orange and white cat in the middle of a sneeze
What Causes A Cat To Sneeze | A Veterinarian Explains
Did you know that cats can get allergies just like people do? This may be surprising to some, but it’s true. Allergies in cats can lead to sneezing, just like in humans. But that’s just one...
Is Lavender and Chamomile Safe for Cats - light grey tabby cat outside sitting in a patch of lavender
Is Lavender and Chamomile Safe for Cats? The Essential Facts
In the realm of holistic health and natural wellness, essential oils have long been celebrated for their soothing and therapeutic properties. However, as pet owners increasingly incorporate these natural...
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