two days old kittens with eyes barely open, soft focus, illustrating fading kitten syndrome
The Fight for Survival: The Reality of Fading Kitten Syndrome
Fading kitten syndrome is a devastating ailment where kittens are born healthy, but slowly become ill and die within their first few weeks of life. The cause of this syndrome can be attributed to numerous...
grey tabby outside, vomiting up grass, used to illustrate one of the reasons "why does my cat keep throwing up"
Why Does My Cat Keep Throwing Up? A Veterinarian’s Perspective
It’s 3 AM, and you wake up to that dreaded sound – your cat is throwing up again. As a cat parent, it’s worrying when your fur baby can’t seem to keep their food down.  You’re...
Why Did My Cat Poop On My Bed - A Veterinarian Answers
Waking up to find your cat has pooped on the bed can be puzzling and distressing. This isn’t just a minor inconvenience; it’s a sign that something’s amiss. Whether it’s a protest...
why is my cat suddenly sneezing so much - picture of a tabby cat sneezing
Why Is My Cat Suddenly Sneezing So Much: When To Worry
It’s alarming when your cat starts sneezing uncontrollably out of the blue. One minute they’re napping peacefully, and the next they’re having a sneezing fit that seems to never end....
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