Can Cats Get Along with Pit Bulls - studio image of a bluenose pitbull and a grey tabby cat laying next to each other, isolated on a white background
Can Cats Get Along with Pit Bulls and Bully Breeds?
Curious about whether your cat can coexist peacefully with a Pit Bull or Bully breed dog? Many pet owners wonder about this dynamic, given the stereotypes surrounding these breeds. Cats...
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Pros and Cons of Having a Cat - cute grey kitten asleep laying on its back
Pros and Cons of Having a Cat: Things You Should Know
Becoming a pet owner is an exciting journey, especially when that new furry friend nuzzles against you with affection. Cats, in particular, stand out as one of the most popular pets...
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can bed bugs live in cat litter - closeup image of a bed bug isolated on white-grey shallow container
Debunking Myths: Can Bed Bugs Live in Cat Litter?
Are you a cat owner concerned about the presence of bed bugs in your cat’s litter box? Are you wondering can bed bugs live in cat litter? We discuss the possibility of bed bugs...
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how big is a savannah cat - studio image of a young early generation savannah cat on a green backdrop
How Big Is A Savannah Cat?
The Savannah cat’s size, with their long legs and large ears, might lead you to think this breed is one of the largest domestic cat breeds out there. But how big is a Savannah...
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cat collar sizes - orange and white cat wearing a black nylon breakaway collar
Cat Collar Sizes: What Size Is Best For Your Cat?
Choosing the correct cat collar size is important for your cat or kitten’s safety and comfort. With different collar types like breakaway, buckle, stretch, and safety to choose...
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outdoor cat care - black and white cat standing on a barnyard fence with shed in the background
Outdoor Cat Care: How To Care For The Rural Cat
Many cats live long and comfortable lives exclusively indoors. Other cats live indoors but are allowed to spend time exploring outside. And then there are cats that live entirely...
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