black bengal cat lying on its side outdoors on short green lawn grass
What Is A Black Bengal Cat: Melanistic Bengal Color Explained
by Dr. WL Wilkins, DVM, PhD Updated January 5, 2024 You have a question – what is a black Bengal cat? Well, we have the answer! The black Bengal cat is a stunning melanistic color variation...
Snow Bengal Cat outdoors in a tree
What Is A Snow Bengal Cat?
What is a snow Bengal Cat? A snow Bengal cat is a Bengal cat with a specific coat color consisting of a very light creamy background color and muted markings. Their snowy appearance has led to the nickname...
igor-karimov-cjJYr-m2H9U-unsplash (1)
Bengal Cat: Breed Information and Care
You may have heard about Bengal cats and are wondering what all the fuss is about them. You may also be wondering if they make good pets. Bengal cats are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after...
silver bengal cat lying on a reflective black surface, black background, studio shot
Discover the Silver Bengal Cat: Facts, Features, and More
A silver Bengal cat is a Bengal breed line that has been selectively bred to create silver coloring in its fur. They have a spotted or marbled coat with a frosty silver sheen that is really striking. This...
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