What Is A Silver Bengal Cat?

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A silver Bengal cat is a Bengal breed line that has been selectively bred to create silver coloring in its fur. They have a spotted or marbled coat with a frosty silver sheen that is really striking. This breed of Bengal is highly sought after because of its unique coloration.

What Is The Origin Of The Silver Bengal Cat?

The origin of the silver Bengal cat is attributed to breeder Judy Sugden. Judy is the daughter of Jean Sudgen Mill, the breeder to whom the Bengal cat hybrid is credited. Building on her mother’s work, Judy introduced a silver line in the 1990s by breeding an American Shorthair cat to a Bengal cat.

Silver Bengal Cat Color Explained

This silver color is not a color in itself. Rather, it results from a genetic color modifier. That is, the silver Bengal cat line contains genes that filter out the warm (reds, yellows), leaving only the black color behind.

With only black color remaining, the resulting coat color is a mixture of black, absence of color (white/silver), and a blend of these two (grey/silver).

However, this genetic color inhibition is not always 100 percent. Sometimes small amounts of warm pigment remain, creating what breeders refer to as “tarnish” which is small amounts of yellow/red pigment throughout the coat. Tarnish may be darker on the face, legs and back.

The silver Bengal cat’s coat will have 2-3 shades of color consisting of dark grey to black markings on a silver-white background. The objective is to have as little tarnish as possible, ideally none. The tip of the tail is black.

Coat Patterns Of Silver Bengal Cats

These cats usually have a spotted or marbled pattern, which can vary greatly depending on the individual cat. They typically have bright yellow or green eyes and a thick tail that is often striped in black and white.

Do Silver Bengal Cats Make Good Pets?

Like all Bengals, silver Bengal cats make wonderful pets due to their affectionate nature and easygoing temperament.

They are also very energetic and curious and love to play with their owners. Silver Bengal cats also tend to be quite vocal, which makes them great companions for those who enjoy talking with their pets.

Silver Bengals enjoy interacting with humans, as well as other cats and even dogs. They are very intelligent cats that can easily learn tricks and will often fetch small objects for their owners, much like a dog would.

silver bengal cat mom and kittens on a white background

How Big Is A Full Grown Silver Bengal Cat?

On average, a full grown silver Bengal cat weighs around 10-15 pounds and stands between 10 to 15 inches tall. They are usually quite slim and muscular with long legs and a medium tail.

What Is The Price Of A Silver Bengal Cat?

The price of Silver Bengal cats sold by reputable breeders averages from $1500 USD to $3000 USD. Lower quality pet stock may be sold for as low as $600-$700 USD. Prices may also depend on whether you are buying a kitten or an adult cat.

The Bottom Line About Silver Bengal Cats

The Silver Bengal cat is quite social and can adapt to almost any environment given time and proper training. They make an ideal pet for those looking for an intelligent, affectionate, and playful companion.

With patience and understanding, these cats can adapt to almost any home and will be sure to bring you years of companionship and love.


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