How Much Is A Maine Coon Cat In 2024

How much is a maine coon: brown tabby Maine Coon cat on a white background

by Dr. WL Wilkins, DVM, PhD

Updated January 7, 2024

Maine Coons are lovely cats to own. They are beautiful, the gentle giants of the cat world. They are also loyal to their owners, and sometimes are even called the “dogs of the cat world”. However, if you have been looking into buying one of these large cats, you may have learned by now that the Maine Coon is one expensive breed.

But just exactly how much is a Maine Coon cat going to cost you?

Purebred Maine Coon kitten pricing from registered breeders typically starts at around $1500 and goes up quickly from there. It is not unusual for TICA-registered breeders to charge $2500 and more for their kittens.  

In this article, we will delve further into how much a Maine Coon costs. We will also explain the factors that determine Maine Coon cat price, to help you make your decision about purchasing one of these wonderful felines.

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How Much Is A Maine Coon Cat? 

Maine Coon cats have become increasingly popular in recent years, with people attracted to their large size, shaggy coat, and docile behavior. These gentle giants are the largest domestic cat breed in existence!

Maine Coons are also popular due to their reputation for being very loyal and affectionate with their owners. Families appreciate having a Maine Coon around, as their gentle behavior means they are excellent around children.

As a result, the high demand for this breed has caused the price of Maine Coon cats to shoot up, particularly in the United States. These days, expect to pay between at least $2500 for kittens from reputable, TICA-registered breeders.

If you research prices by looking at classified advertised listings, you will find the average price of around $1,500. 

The Maine Coon Price Explained

The wide Maine Coon price range may seem confusing, but it can be explained by various factors that affect the cost of these felines. 

Here are some key reasons why a Maine Coon cat may fetch a high price: 

Quality And Certification

Like everything in life, the higher the quality, the higher the price. The same thing applies to Maine Coon kittens. Kittens with the following will cost more:

  • Impeccable Health Records: These kittens should have a complete vaccination history and vet check to ensure they are healthy cats.
  • Purebreed Certification: High-quality Maine Coon kittens will come with breed certifications from the right oversight bodies. Purebreed certificates confirm that the kitten is not a mixed breed. Popular breed registries include the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association), TICA (The International Cat  Association), and ACFA (American Cat Fanciers Association.)
  • The Right Source: Maine Coon kittens should come from registered breeders with a good reputation.
  • Pet Quality vs. Show Quality: Not all purebred kittens are suitable for the show circuit. That is, they don’t perfectly meet the breed standards set out by breed registry associations. These pet-quality kittens will be sold at a lower price than kittens that have the characteristics need to be show champions.
How Much Is A Maine Coon Cat In 2024

Health Record

A healthy Maine Coon will be more expensive, but you will save money and heartache in the long run. Maine Coons are known to be a healthy, hardy breed. However, they can be prone to some health conditions.

Examples of Maine Coon health issues include:

When shopping for your new kitten, make sure it has received a clean bill of health from a registered veterinarian. Also, consider having the kitten tested for genetic diseases if it hasn’t been already, to help identify future health problems.

You should also request the seller a copy of the kitten’s vaccination history or a health certificate. On top of that, ask for a complete medical history as well. 

Finally, if your kitten has been spayed or neutered, it will cost more. This is logical, as the breeder needs to compensate for the costs of having these procedures done.

You can also consider the additional pricing as paying for the convenience since you do not have to arrange neutering or spaying yourself or deal with after-surgery care.


Much like people prefer some color options on their iPhones, the same goes for cats. The more popular the colorings, the more expensive the kittens become.

In most cases, solid-colored Maine Coons may be more expensive. People seem to prefer solid coloring, yet at the same time, they are not that common. You may notice Maine Coon kittens with pure white or black coat color costing more.

Tabby Maine Coon kittens usually cost less as they are the most common. This applies across the whole range of tabbies, including Classic, Mackerel, Spotted, or Ticked tabby patterns.

Eye color can also influence Maine Coon cat prices, with blue-eyed or odd-color-eyed cats costing more. 


The age of the cat can also play a role in its price. Generally, a kitten will be more expensive than an adult Maine Coon since most people are looking for a kitten. 

Older cats are sometimes available for adoption, such as those that have “aged out” of breeding programs. These cats are often spayed or neutered and offered for a lower price to a good home. 


The gender of the kitten can make a difference in the price. Male cats are typically larger than female cats. People who are looking for a Maine Coon cat are often most interested in their size and desire to have the biggest cat possible. Males, being larger than females, are usually in higher demand and have a higher price tag.

Breeder Status And Reputation

If your Maine Coon kitten comes from a registered breeder, it will cost more. This is because they care for the kittens to a higher standard than non-registered or backyard breeders.

Registered Maine Coon breeders usually feed the kittens with a high-quality or specialized diet, which costs more. These high-quality foods ensure the kittens are in good health.

They also spend more time, effort, and money to provide a good environment for the kittens to grow. This includes giving the kitten a wide, clean space in which to socialize, move around, and stay healthy. When buying from a reputable breeder, you know you are getting a health cat.

There are also other associated costs, such as licensing and testing the quality and lineage of their adult cats, vet checks and genetic disease testing, and up-to-date vaccinations.

On top of that, if you are purchasing a Maine Coon kitten from a reputable breeder, it could also cost more because you are paying for their reputation. Breeders with well-known and excellent track records, such as producing award-winning champions, can ask – and get! – higher prices for their kittens.

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How To Find Reputable Maine Coon Breeders

Finding reputable Maine Coon breeders can seem like a daunting task, but there are several steps and resources available to guide you through the process. 


Begin your search by conducting thorough research. Online platforms such as TICA’s Maine Coon Breeders List and the CFA’s Breeder Referral List can provide you with a list of registered breeders. 

Reviews and Testimonials

Check reviews and testimonials to see other people’s experiences with each breeder. This can provide valuable insights into the breeder’s reputation and how they care for their cats.

Breeder’s Websites

Visit the breeder’s website, if they have one. A good breeder will provide information about their breeding practices and their cats, and may also have photos and detailed information about available kittens.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to potential breeders. Ask them about their breeding practices, the health and ancestry of their cats, and any other questions you might have. Remember, a reputable breeder will be transparent and willing to answer any of your questions.


If possible, visit the breeder in person. This will allow you to see the conditions in which the cats are being raised.

What Other Maine Coon Cat Costs Can I Expect?

 In general, after the initial cost of buying a kitten, the remaining costs you can expect to incur for your new Maine Coon cat are similar to other domestic cats. These include:

  • Microchipping: Get a microchip implanted into your cat. This should help shelters, hospitals, or vets to identify your cat. Expect to spend around $5 to $30 for this.
  • ID Tag & Collar: Microchips can help veterinarians and shelters get your lost pet back to you. But what if a neighbor finds your cat? An ID tag helps others to identify your cat if it gets lost. These should cost you around $5 to $20.
  • Carrier: A carrier allows you to safely travel with your kitten and helps make sure it doesn’t get lost en route. It is even illegal in some areas to travel with your cat in a car unless it is restrained in a carrier or kennel. Prices can range from $10 to $200.
  • Litter Box & Scoop: Like food, cat litter is an ongoing expense, but litter management is generally a one-time cost. A litter box and scoop should set you back around $25 to $75.
  • Toys: Your Coon needs toys to play with to stay active. Spend around $30, and you should have decent toys for your kittens.
  • Cat Tree:  Cat trees allow your kitten a place to play and stretch their muscles. They also serve as scratching posts, which can save your furniture from damage. Cat trees cost between $20 and $200.
  • Pet Insurance: Consider getting pet insurance for your Maine Coon kitten. It will help cover the additional costs of any unexpected medical expenses. Expect to pay around $25  per month.
  • Food & Water Bowls: Your kitten needs to be fed, which means having feed and bowls ready. Getting this ready should cost you between $10 to $50.
  • Grooming: Basic cat grooming services start at around $30 and go up from there depending on grooming needs (e.g. mat removal, shaving/clipping and nail trims add to the cost).
  • Ongoing costs: Cat food and cat litter are ongoing costs that you will need to be prepared for. Generally, you should expect to spend between $50 to $100 a month.
  • Veterinary care: This is one of the most important investments for your kitten. Generally, a yearly checkup and vaccines should cost around $100 to $300 per year. Beyond that, there may be the cost of spaying or neutering, deworming, and unexpected costs due to illness or injury.

For a full rundown on what you need to purchase when getting a new kitten, be sure to check out our New Kitten Checklist.

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Maine Coons: Pricey But Worth It

We have seen how Maine Coons are an expensive cat breed to own compared to some other popular cat breeds. The final cost also differs depending on factors such as quality, breeder status, health record, and coloring.

However, the price may be worth it, as a healthy, high-quality Maine Coon should provide you with years of companionship, enjoyment, and happiness.

If you are still researching Maine Coons, feel free to check out our Maine Coon cat guide, where we’ve answered over 10 of the most common questions about the breed.


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