top of an orange cat's head showing just the forehead and ears
In A Cat's Ear: Understanding The Cat Ear Yeast Infection
Understanding a cat ear yeast infection: The yeast that causes ear infections in cats is normally found in small numbers in a cat's ears. Click here to learn more about how normal yeast becomes abnormal...
grey tabby kitten drinking milk from a bottle
How To Dilute Cow Milk For Kittens: Homemade Kitten Formula Recipes
People with orphaned kittens often want to know how to dilute cow milk for kittens. Click here for homemade kitten formula recipes for emergency use.
bottom of the paw of a grey cat
Can Cats Absorb Things Through Their Paws?
Cats can absorb substances through their foot pad skin, just like the skin on other parts of their bodies. However, this pales in comparison to the risk of chemical exposure and absorption when the cat...
silver tabby kitten climbing a tree
Why Do I Need To Deworm My Cat?
If you own a cat, you may have been told you need to have it dewormed. You might also have asked “why?”, especially if your cat is perfectly healthy. Cats can suffer from significant health...