orange and white cat looking at a grey rabbit, outdoors with grass background
Can You Use Cat Litter For Rabbits? The Best Litter To Use
Can you use cat litter for rabbits? Many cat litters cannot be used for rabbits, especially clay-based litters. Click here to learn more about what litters are best to use with rabbits.
time saving tips for cat owners: grey and white tabby cat looking over its female owner's shoulder
12 AMAZING Time Saving Tips For Cat Owners
12 time saving tips for cat owners: caring for cats can be time-consuming, requiring attention to their feeding, grooming, and overall well-being. Join us to discover numerous time-saving hacks that cat...
grey tabby maine coon cat laying on its back
The Knotty Kitty: What To Do About A Matted Cat
Anyone who has ever owned a cat has had to deal with mats in the fur at least once or twice. Matted fur is a common occurrence in cats, and long-haired cats are the most likely to get mats. But how do...
grey persian cat grooming slicker brush
Long Hair Cat Grooming - The Right Way
Long Hair Cat Grooming - what is the right way? Daily brushing is the best way to keep your long-haired cat's coat smooth, shiny, and tangle-free. Depending on the breed, and whether or not it is an indoor...