closeup image of a Neva Masquerade Cat with striking blue eyes
Neva Masquerade Cats: A Look Behind the Mask
Have you heard of the Neva Masquerade cat? Originating from Russia as part of the Siberian breed family, these cats boast stunning point coloration that’s hard to miss. The...
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studio image grey tabby kitten white background, used to introduce "best boy cat names"
700 Male Cat Names to Suit Every Personality
Are you welcoming a new furry gentleman into your home and finding yourself stumped on the perfect name? Picking out a name for your new male kitten or cat can be as fun as it is daunting. To...
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two days old kittens with eyes barely open, soft focus, illustrating fading kitten syndrome
The Fight for Survival: The Reality of Fading Kitten Syndrome
Fading kitten syndrome is a devastating ailment where kittens are born healthy, but slowly become ill and die within their first few weeks of life. The cause of this syndrome can be...
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bengal cat closeup
What Does It Mean If Your Cat Stares At You? Maybe They Are Plotting Your Demise!
Have you ever felt the unnerving sensation of your cat’s eyes boring into you, as if they’re planning something diabolical? Perhaps you’ve wondered, “What does it...
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tabby kitten sleeping on a small red pillow, used to illustrate "why do cats sleep so much"
The REAL Reason Why Cats Sleep So Much
My Bengal cat has two settings: zooming around like crazy and sleeping. Not unusual behavior for cats; in fact, I bet you’ve noticed the same thing with your kitty! But the...
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grey tabby lying on its back in green grass with derp tongue sticking out
The Secret Behind Catnip: Why Your Cat Can't Resist It
Have you ever wondered why your cat goes absolutely wild for catnip? That little herb, often found in toys or sprinkled on scratching posts, seems to have a magical effect on cats....
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