The Art of Concealment: Furniture that Doubles as Cat Litter Boxes

Whether you’re a newbie in the world of cat ownership or a seasoned cat parent, you’re certainly aware that a reliable litter box is essential.

But, have you ever thought about sprucing up your space with cat litter box furniture? This nifty solution not only masks the less appealing sight of litter boxes but also keeps your furry friend’s messes under control.

Imagine transforming a necessary pet accessory into a chic piece of décor like a bench or an end table!

Cat litter box furniture is not only practical but also doubles as a stylish addition to your home. With a variety of affordable options at your disposal, why not discover the perfect piece that complements both your living space and your cat’s needs?

Keep reading to explore some fantastic choices for incorporating pet-friendly furniture into your abode.

Top 10 Litter Box Enclosures

Many litter box enclosures do double duty as an essential piece of household furniture, such as a coffee table or an end table plus hiding the unappealing litter box. But they have other benefits as well!

For example, instead of using the enclosure for litter boxes, you could use it as a place to feed your cat where your dogs cannot get the cat’s food. Or, put a cat bed in it and give your cat a safe place to hide.
The following recommendations can be used in several different ways – all you need to do is “think outside of the box”!


1. GDLF Hidden Litter Box Enclosure

The GDLF Hidden Litter Box Enclosure is very popular and gets consistently high ratings. Constructed out of engineered wood, it features a waterproof and scratch-resistant veneer. Units are also stackable, which is great for multi-cat households.  And at under $100 USD, it is also very affordable. 

2. GDLF Large Hidden Litter Box Enclosure with Shelf   

Another litter box enclosure by GDLF, this one incorporates a 3-tier storage rack that provides ample storage space, a great solution for smaller spaces. This one is also highly rated and very affortable. 

3. MEEXPAWS  Bench Style Litter Box Enclosure   

This foldable ottoman-style litter box enclosure gets very good reviews. The inside is made of waterproof material for easy cleanup. Lightweight yet sturdy, these litter box covers can support up to 150 lb (small version), while the larger versions can hold up to 200 lbs when the middle divider is used.

4. Secret Litter Box by Bundle & Bliss

It’s not a litter box, it’s a plant! With this hidden litter box enclosure the bottom section is the litter pan – no need to find one that fits. Highly rated, customers indicate that it is roomy enough for even larger cats. With almost 3000 reviews and a 4.6 star average reading, we are confident that you won’t be disappointed with this one.

5. Cindelyn Litter Box Enclosure by Tucker Murphy Pet

This little beauty has a 4.5 star average rating from 6000 reviewers. Made of engineered wood and available in white, brown or grey finish, this square-shaped litter box enclosure is perfect for use as an end table.

6. The Refined Litter Box by The Refined Feline

This particular piece of litter box furniture stands about table height, which makes it a good choice for use as a side table. The extra height allows for more storage space within the enclosure, with a storage tray hidden behind the double front doors. The bottom litter tray area has a liner to contain stray litter particles. This one has a 4.5 average rating from 2300 reviewers.

7. FavePaw Cat Litter Box Enclosure and Cat Tree

This one has a twist on the double-duty theme, with the base being the litter box enclosure and the top being a cat tree. A great space-saving idea! Although this one has a 4.6 average rating, it falls a little lower down on our list as it does not yet have the large volume of sales as the previous ones do.

8. HOOBRO Litter Box Enclosure & Flip Top Storage Bench

A wood-grain laminate finish and metal fittings gives this flip top litter box enclosure a rustic-industrial feel. The interior is spacious, with a storage area and a litter box area. 4.6 star average rating.

9. Unipaws Litter Box Cover Flip top Bench

The Unipaws flip top litter box cover is very spacious, providing a litter box area plus a divided entry space to help prevent litter from being tracked out of the box. The divider can also be removed which allows space enough for two litterboxes – a great option for multi-cat households. This litter box enclosure comes in 6 different finishes, so you are sure to find one that matches your decor. 

10. Whisker Litter-Robot Credenza

This one is a little more expensive, but it makes our list because it is specifically designed to fit the popular Litter Robot self-cleaning litter box. Because it is specialized, it does not have a high a volume of sales or reviews as the other litter box enclosures on our list  do, but it does come highly rated.

One Last “Kick at the Cat”

We don’t actually want to kick the cat, for the last time or otherwise! But we do want to mention one last thing about litter box enclosures.

This you must remember – not all cats like to have their litter boxes in an enclosed space. Some cats like the privacy, but other cats may feel like it’s a trap and may never go near it. 

If you decide you are going to use a litter box enclosure, make sure that your cat has another litter box option to go to in the event it does not like the enclosure. If the enclosure has front-opening doors, leaving the doors open until your cat gets comfortable with it can help. 

Once you see your cat going into the enclosure to use the litter box, only then should you take the open litter box away. 

That said, overall, cat litter box furniture is an excellent option to help keep your home clean and tidy while providing your cat with a comfortable spot to do their business. There are plenty of different options available and there’s sure to be something perfect for you and your pet.  

Take some time to research the right piece for you and enjoy the convenience of having a stylish pet-friendly piece in your home.

Happy shopping! 



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